Agriculture Model Farms/Education Centers

We have established two large model farms/education centers in Cambodia: The Tonle Chum Farm and the Glorious Families Program, which teach farmers to grow crops and livestock that are more nutritious and profitable than rice, model better farm management practices, and teach/provide soil amendments for increased production. Tonle Chum is demonstrating profitable non-rice crops, and raising crayfish for sale to area farmers for protein and income. Glorious Families is the site of an upcoming commercial-scale aquaponics facility and refrigerated produce collection center.


Better Ag Practices: Refrigeration

We are obtaining/installing refrigerated storage containers (solar-powered) for a local farming community, which will reduce food loss/spoilage by ~30%, and a refrigerated truck for transport, which will reduce spoilage by an additional ~30%. This combined ~60% loss reduction will more than double produce sales, creating marked improvements in income and nutrition.  Future phases will include selling refrigerators to farm and nonfarm families, under affordable installment payments, to further improve nutrition.

Improved Participation by Smallhold Farmers in the Supply Chain

We improve participation by smallhold farmers in the agricultural supply chain by working with wholesalers to provide wider distribution of farmers’ produce, update farmers regarding demand and pricing, encourage crop diversification, and more. Farmers in our network (which is open to everyone) meet regularly to learn how to mine additional value from their farms, and to bargain collectively.

Farmer Education

Our teams provide free education to farmers, to teach them about not only improved agricultural techniques, but also business skills, such as saving money during harvest times and periods of abundance, and effective cash flow management.

Improved Inputs for Farmer

We teach and provide farmers with organic soil amendments to improve their yields and profits, as well as hardy, profitable seeds and livestock.