Our Mission

Barriers to health and prosperity are multifaceted. Our approaches are also.

We work with committed, innovative people around the world to develop programs in Agriculture, Education, Business Development and Clean Water because we are capable of changing lives, together.

What We Do


Agriculture is at the heart of human survival. Simple changes can double or triple agricultural yields.  We help people start and grow agribusinesses, and our teams share improved inputs and practices with smallhold farmers, to help them and their communities thrive. Sharing knowledge and developing relationships yield huge nutritional returns.


Education is at the core of all we do. We share practical STEM curricula with teachers, to encourage curiosity and innovation. We connect agribusiness owners with mentors and technological support. We partner with schools to combat malnutrition and poverty through education and on-site agriculture. We provide resources to schools in remote, rural areas. And we provide information and better inputs to smallhold farm families to help them thrive.

Clean Water

Clean drinking water is a universal basic need. We establish school-based clean-water facilities to serve communities, and teach hygiene, such as soap-making and hand-washing, to prevent illness.  We also provide reusable metal water bottles, to reduce plastic waste and encourage earth-friendly habits. A single community water-filtration station can eliminate the use and disposal of more than 100,000 plastic water bottles each year.

Business Development

Our diverse, accomplished mentors work with agribusiness owners to grow enterprises that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Environmental Sustainability

We encourage good environmental practices in all that we do – from composting harvest waste to utilizing organic soil amendments, and more. We believe that, as a global family, we can and should encourage each other to make better everyday choices, to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions.

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